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Roe Package - Discover Lake Vänerns gold, 7,14 or 21 November

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per person in doubleroom
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Now it's your turn to experience the roe fishery in Lake Vänern.

Join us on Lake Vänern one day in November and enjoy a culinary journey for the senses. Feel, pinch and taste Vänern red gold, welcome to roe weeks Spikens fishing port!

The roe experience starts with a roe inspired lunch at Restaurant Sjöboden in Spikens fishing port. Then, continue your day with a tour on a fishing boat on Lake Vänern and then into the one of the fish stalls at Ullis fish delicacies which you can try to squeeze roe and follow the amazing craftsmanship around roe preparation. The evening ends with a roe inspired dinner at Pirum Restaurant and Wine Bar alt. Restaurant the Hvita Hjorten. After a good night's sleep the roe journey ends with a guided tour of Lacko Castle.


- A night in a double room including breakfast on Naturum Vänerskärgården - Victoriahuset or Best Western Hotel Edward
- Roe inspired lunch at Restaurant Sjöboden in Spiken
- Follow a fisherman on a tour on Lake Vänern
-Be involved with the preparations of the Vänern roe at Ullis fish delicacies
- Roe inspires dinner at Restaurant Hvita Hjorten or at Pirum Restaurant and Wine Bar
- Guided tour of Läckö Castle

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